10 Nov 2014

Irish Crochet Applique

I'd made 4 of these Irish crochet flowers (they are the size of coasters - but too uneven to be used as coasters and too big to be called motifs and too small to be called doilies) five years ago.

My initial idea was to used them as curtain ties. But I found that when used as curtain ties, the beauty of the design could not be displayed to its best advantage, and so I put them away. I'd take them out every now and then, admire them, and put them back; until I had a brainstorm...

I have this whole collection of good quality but faded trousers my husband and sons have discarded. The other day, as I was cleaning out my cupboards I found this old and really shabby Henko box and decided to use one of the trousers to cover it up.

The bottom of one leg fits the box like a glove. Now what do I do? Stick the fabric to the box? Not a good idea... won't be able to wash it. So...

I chopped off the hem (because it was too thick and gave the box a misshapen look), then I tried adjusting the box inside the leg to find the best fit, gave 1" seam allowance each for the top and the bottom and cut away the rest of the fabric with pinking shears. When I turn it right side out, I have the perfect slip cover.

Affixing the Irish Crochet:

Use bell pins to position the crochet flower and tack it in place with sewing thread the same colour as the crochet cotton. Do the same on the other side and when done, slip in the Henko box. 

This is definitely one of the prettiest things I've ever done.

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