9 Mar 2013

Instructions for Tatted Bookmark from Wedding Card

I find it difficult to throw away exorbitantly priced wedding invitations.

I have always wondered why some people think it is important to spend so much on such cards knowing that it's going to serve no purpose once the wedding is over

I have saved up quite a few such cards. Now, I am trying to find ways to use them up. I have come up with the idea of using them as embellished books marks (they are more exciting and definitely more personalized than simply cutting the cards into book mark sized strips). Besides, I have a lot of friends who will treasure such personalized book marks.

Here is one such book mark embellished with split ring tatting. It does make a cute book mark.
Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Ring of 5 ds, 3 p sep by 5 ds, 5 ds, close ring.

Step 2: Ring of 5 ds, join to the 3rd p of prev ring, 5 ds, 2 p sep by 5 ds, 5ds, close ring.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 more times.

Step 4 (Split ring): Ring of 5 ds, join to the 1st p of the 1st ring, 5 ds/ 5 ds, join to the 3rd p of the last ring, 5 ds close ring.

Step 5 (Split Ring): 5 ds, p 5 ds/ 5ds, p, 5ds, close ring.

Work 3 more split rings.

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