26 Feb 2013

Pouch For Cell Phone and Keys

This a craft from waste - sort of. My husband bought himself a lovely wine coloured kurta from Fab India. He wanted me to shorten the sleeves. I loved the colour and the texture of the material so much, that I did not want to throw away the 4" pieces. I put them into my scrap box and waited for something to happen.

Something did happen.  I was downloading some old tatting books from the Internet Archive (Public Domain Library) and found some lovely lace patterns. I decided to use one of them as an insertion. Here's the result.

Here's how I went about making this pouch.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

Once you are done with the sewing you can make a tatted lace and use it as an insertion. Instructions.

I am not done with this pouch yet. I've been going through some beading patterns I could use, to hang this pouch around my neck, and I plan to do some embroidery on what were the sleeves.

I haven't decided on a pattern yet. I want the whole thing to look elegant: with each of the design elements complementing the others rather than clamouring with each other for attention.

You'll find the instructions for the insertion in my next post.

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