21 Dec 2010

Delta Crochet Tutorial - Part I

Before I begin - an appeal!

A lot of time and effort goes into preparing a tutorial.  I don't like it when I find my tutorials copied and pasted word for word and passed off as someone else's. Finding my Kutchwork and Kasuti tutorials copied and pasted word for word elsewhere put me off blogging altogether for quite sometime. So, please, please don't do it. This, is an appeal to your better nature! That said, I'll move on.

Delta crochet is a lovely style of crochet somewhat similar to Filet crochet but a lot confusing in the beginning. There are very few resources on the web regarding this style. The only one with a tutorial is here

Here's my own.

Like most forms of crochet, you can work Delta crochet too in two ways
1. In rows
2. In rounds

These instructions assume that you are familiar with Basic Crochet. You'll find information on turning chains and stitch symbols here.

Let's first consider working in rows.
Step 1: How do you calculate the number of foundation chains required?

Based on a simple formula -
(no. of Upward pointing triangles x 5)+ 1. Observe the first diagram and you'll understand why.

We'll start with 4 upward pointing triangles. This translates to (4x5)+ 1 = 21 chains.

The 21 chains are the foundation row.

The pattern as you can see in the second diagram uses just 2 stitches, the chain and the double treble. Now, onto the next step.

Step 2: This row is read from right to left and also worked from right to left. 

Step 3:
Work the first 4 chains and then turn work and continue working.
This row is read from left to right but since the work is turned at the beg of this row,  worked from right to left.

Note: Odd rows are read from right to left and even rows are read from left to right.
Repeat rows 2 & 3 for pattern.

Let's for the sake of analysis, break up the pattern into upward and downward pointing triangles and consider its composition - as it is the alternate arrangement of these that make up the overall design.

Downward pointing triangle - 1 d.tr, 4 chains, 1 d.t into the same stitch.

Upward pointing triangle - 1 d.tr leaving the last 2 loops on hook, skip 4 chains, 1 d.tr into next st – when you have a total of 3 loops on hook, yarn over hook, pull through all three loops.

If you find any mistakes in this tutorial, please let me know.

All kinds of lacy accessories can be made using this beautiful.
I'll be back with more.

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