21 May 2010

Kurta Sleeve Turned Pouch

It's been a while since my last post.  I've been busy going through my hoardings, ruthlessly throwing away, what I don't need.  You won't believe the things I hoard !  - the scraps I've used for this hanky pouch to mention a few.

I now have my very own laptop - a hand me down as my husband fell in love with a tablet PC. I also now have my very own external hard disk (500 GB). No more quarreling with the kids for storage space.

I realised that my almost 6' tall, 14 year old was no longer a little one when he tried to con me out of my new external hard disk. All the things he can think up to show me how he needs it more than me!!!

Now, I am busy scanning all sorts of interesting info I have managed to collect over the past 20 years and enjoying every minute of it. No point in having these if I don't even know that I have them right?  So I have my work cut out for me.

March and April this year were unusually hot. I ended up cropping off half the sleeves off some of my cotton kurtas. Most of them ended up as patchwork doormats. Two of them however got converted into a hanky pouch for my mom. Recycling being the name of the game for me since January. I thought I might as well go  all the way and use up scraps of crochet and tatting from my mistakes box.

The crochet lace is from DMC Irish crochet. The medallion below the tatting is from http://crochet-loving.blogspot.in/search/label/Irish%20Crochet">here. You'll find the download links there as well.

I rounded off the embellishing with "wheatear arcs" done with multi-shade thread.

This is the other side of the pouch. I am not so good at taking pictures – I invariably end up shaking the camera while clicking the button. 

 I have used the herring bone stitch (bottom left) from SHARON’S TAST and sequins, stones and jingles provide the rest of the embellishing. Does it not look like a tiny fish? Unfortunately, I can't recall where exactly in her pin tangle, I found this stitch or even what she called it.

I closed the opening with Velcro. Needless to say my mom loved it. She is one of those people who loves anything I do mistakes and all!

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