27 Jun 2009

Crochet Sweater With Afghan Stitch Yoke

My brother and his family are down here from Seattle. My sister-in -law got me some wool in soft pastels and pink. I decided to use the pink to make a sweater for their daughter.

Here's back side of the sweater. I put the fastening at the back.

The sweater begins at the front yoke.  I worked the yoke in afghan stitch.

- for the body I worked 1 dc and 1 tr into each stitch skipping every 3rd stitch in the 1st round. 1 dc, 1 tr into each sc in the subsequent rounds.

You'll notice a differnce in pattern here and there - I just forgot to turn work and work in the opposite direction.

It was interesting the difference that made!

And finally for some embellishment - in brazillian style embroidery.

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