3 Apr 2008

Motif #12 in Progress

I started this pattern about 6 months ago. I don't remember from where I took it. Probablyt from one of the antique tatting patterns on Public Domain. I have modifies it slightly. But as usually it is not what I wanted. The pattern sems to have ruffled. So I have to redo it.

Wind yarn in two shuttles using CTM.

The Central Ring
SR 1: 5-5-5-5-5/-5 (I think it will look better if I change the 5 to 7)

The next rnd:

{SR 2: 5-5-5/5 r.w.
Chain: 5-5 r.w.
*R1:5+5(join to the first picot of SR2)
Ch: 5-5
R1:5+5(join to the next picot of SR2)
ch:5-7 (using the core thread, lock join to the next picot pof SR2)r.w
Ch of 5 ds. r.w} 1st cluster.
R: 5 + (join to the next p of the 2nd p of the central ring) 5 - 5 -5.
Chain of 5ds, join to the free picot of the last chain in the prev cluster. Rep from *

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