19 Nov 2006

Motif # 3

This motif is a slightly modified version of a DMC pattern. I don't know the name of the book as I have only a couple of pages. The heading one of the pages says Motifs for applique. The page also has the DMC symbol.

I reduced the number of ds in the rings and the number of picots in the chain. As per the original instructions, the pattern is worked in 2 rounds. I used split rings to work this pattern.

The chain between rings 11 and 16 is another change I made. The original pattern has no chain.

I don't like the way the motif looks after I weaved in the ends. I is obvious I need lots more practice. I usually use the ends to sew the motif to fabric.

I want to try out the same motif increasing the number of picots in the rings. maybe that will be Number 4.

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