12 Nov 2006

The 25 Motif Challenge

I have joined The 25 motif Challenge
The challenge is to tat 25 motifs within the next year.
A good opportunity for me to compile lessons for my Advanced Tatting Course.

I usually use Anchor Pearl Cotton for tatting. This time however, I wanted to experiment with a different type of thread. I used what is popularly known here as cone thread.

This, I think is silk thread with a glossy finish. It requires a lot more care and practice to work with this thread as you can see in the picture below. The twist in the thread has unravelled in some of the picots. I tried to close the ring not realising the ring thread was twisted. The ring wouldn't close and I pulled the thread too taught and cut the thread - a pity - a few more rings and I would have completed my first motif for the 25 motif challenge. I wanted to work this motif climbing out of one round and into the next without any cutting and tying - and the thread gets cut right in the middle of a round! Now I'll have to start all over again. But then, this is only a small motif.

I think I'll also work on some Irish Crochet motifs side by side

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