9 Sep 2006

Tatted Titbits

I just put down the book "Detective" by Aruthur Hailey. It truly was unputdownable. So I was back to my original self - my time-tables and schedules for a better organised life be damned.

Now when I look around me and see that I have just done the barest essentials like cooking, eating, dishwashing, laundry and read the rest of the time,I curse myself. Work in all shapes and forms has piled up.

Knowing that nobody but me can do my work, why oh why can't I organise my time and put everything into a neat slot? Like a Robo? Oh no! I am a creative eccentric not a robo - I like myself the way I am so let me be.
Hubby says The inner debate will go on maybe forever especially after a stint of blissful reading ignoring all else as unimportant. He believes I was wired that way.

Here are some tatted titbits. The pattern for pink beaded flowers with leaves, is in Reader's Digest's "Complete Guide To Needlework".

And here is a bunch of tatted flowers I did when I first learnt tatting 13 years ago.

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